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9625 SW 125th Ave. ·  Beaverton, OR  97008
Office:  503-356-2890  ·  Attendance: 503-356-2891

​Enrollment Information

Welcome to Southridge High School! Enrollment information is available on our district website​ or from our main office​. Please start the enrollment process by contacting our counseling office at 503-356-2904. In order to process your child's enrollment, please include the following information with the completed enrollment packet.  Your child's enrollment will be pending receipt of all necessary information.

VERIFICATION OF ADDRESS – Proof that you live in the Southridge High School attendance area.  This needs to be a copy of a utility bill (such as gas, water, electric), a rental/lease agreement, or earnest money agreement if it is a home purchase. Sorry, but a drivers license or other mail will not work. Note: The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act ensures the enrollment of homeless youth in school. This includes waiving certain requirements such as proof of residency.

WITHDRAWAL GRADES AND UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT– This is helpful to ensure a smooth transition if a student transfers during the school year,  to place a student in the right level of classes, to prevent loss of credit, and to confirm that the student has officially checked out of his/her previous school.

IEP (SPECIAL EDUCATION) INFORMATION – If your child has an IEP (Individual Education Plan), this paperwork needs to be received before a student can be scheduled for IEP classes. It can either be provided by the parent or obtained from the previous school with the record request consent.

Included in the enrollment packet:
  • ENROLLMENT FORMS – Please fill out all forms completely and provide a copy of your child's birth certificate or passport.
  • IMMUNIZATION RECORD – This information is required by the state to be provided by a parent or guardian.  Please complete & sign the Oregon immunization form provided in the enrollment packet.
  • REQUEST FOR STUDENT RECORDS – Please complete this form to ensure accurate transfer of records from the previous school.
  • SPECIAL NEEDS ASSESSMENT – Summary of your child's educational needs regarding Special Education and/or ESL (English as a Second Language).
  • MIGRANT QUESTIONNAIRE – Determines qualification for the Migrant Program.

FREE & REDUCED MEAL APPLICATIONS are accepted online or through the school office. Visit the BSD website for more information.

ATHLETIC information is available here on our website.