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Courses - General Information

The scheduled is designed so that students get most of their basic credit requirements completed during their freshman (9th grade) and sophomore (10 grade) years.

Lower and Upper Rotation Classes

Classes are divided up into two rotations based on grade level: 9th and 10th grade students arec ombined in "lower" rotation classes, and 11th and 12th grade students in "upper" rotation classes. Each rotation is on a two-year cycle to prevent overlapping in subject matter.

9/10 Classes

The schedule for 9/10, or lower rotation, students take all required subjects plus they may choose Spanish or Computers as an elective.

11/12 Classes

The advantage of a more rigid 9/10 schedule is that by the time a student reaches his or her junior (11th grade) year, he/she may take more elective courses. We provide a rich variety of classes, particularly in the scientific field.