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Electives and Other Courses


The goals of technology classes at SST are to promote the development and application of skills relating to engineering, industrial design, and computer literacy. At SST, these classes are typically taken prior to starting, or after completing successive years of Spanish classes.

Note: Not all courses are offered every year. See the current school year's Academic Planning Guide for full course descriptions.

All Grades

Computer Lit. 1  Credit 1.0 (2 Semesters)
AP Computer Science A: Credit 1.0 (2 semesters)
AP Computer Science Principles: Credit 1.0 (2 semesters)

11/12 Courses

Career Education
This course is offered in two parts to 11th and 12h grade students; they earn 0.25 credit each year.
     Credit: 0.5 (4 semesters)

Independent Projects
SST is a small school; as a result, course offerings are limited. This course provides students the freedom to explore topics that would otherwise not be available at our school.
     Credit: 0.5 (1 semester)