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Language Arts

Humanities are a central element of the SST curriculum. All students take 4.0 credits of English and 3.0 credits of Social Sciences. Most also take several years of Spanish.

The ability to communicate clearly is essential to success in any career field. All SST teachers work with students on effective written and spoken communication, whether it is a lab report, an explanation of a principle of mathematics, a history research paper, essay, short story, or poem.

Our English classes are structured so that all students improve. Weaker students become effective communicators, and those who are strong move to excellence. Many SST students are writing and presenting at a college level before they graduate from high school.

English classes prepare students for the complexities of a global society. Students read works from a variety of cultures, eras, and human conditions. Insights gained can help them work more effectively with classmates now and in the future with colleagues and neighbors.

Students develop their ability to read challenging writing of any kind, in the techniques practiced when reading classic fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. In the process, they gain background to interpret references in contemporary communication.

In English classes, students also develop their capacity for complex thought. Through discussion of texts, reflection in writing, analysis of intent, and synthesis of ideas from multiple sources, students clarify their own thinking, and expand their ability to understand and respond to new information. By reading about, writing about, or discussing common human experiences, students develop more tools for dealing with the major events of life.

Note: Not all courses are offered every year. See the current school year's Academic Planning Guide for course descriptions.

9/10 Courses

Literature & Composition I - L601
     Credit: 1.0 (2 semesters)

Literature & Composition II - L602
     Credit: 1.0 (2 semesters)

11/12 Courses

AP English Literature & Composition - L820
     Credit: 1.0 (2 semesters)

Modern American Literature - L512
     Credit: 1.0 (2 semesters)

Mythology - L580
     Credit: 1.0 (2 semesters)