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The Mathematics program at SST is designed to prepare all students to be college ready. It is built on the belief that all students should have the opportunity to successfully learn mathematics. We wish to develop mathematically literate students who are able to explore, conjecture, reason logically, and communicate their mathematics knowledge.

SST offers a sequential Accelerated Algebra I, Geometry, Accelerated Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, and AP Calculus program. it is designed to meet college requirements, and address different ways to learn mathematics. The sequential program takes a linear approach to the study of mathematics. This approach to mathematics is the most familiar to the general public. Courses are continually reviewed and redesigned to reflect current national, state and district standards.

The state of Oregon requires 3.0 credits in mathematics for graduation. Most college require at least three years of mathematics (Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II). It is strongly recommended that students planning to attend a four-year college or university take an advanced math course their senior year. Students who do not complete Algebra II would normally transition into a remedial college math course (Math 95).

Note: Not all courses are offered every year. See the current school year's Academic Planning Guide for course descriptions, as well as information on Course Placement, Override and Credit for Middle School Math.

9/10 Courses

Algebra 1  - M310
     Credit: 1.0 (2 semesters)

All Grades

Accelerated Geometry - M365
     Credit: 1.0 (2 semesters)

Advanced Algebra II - M510
     Credit: 1.0 (2 semesters)

Pre-Calculus - M600
     Credit: 1.0 (2 semesters)

AP Calculus BC - M750
     Credit: 1.0 (2 semesters)

AP Statistics - M775
     Credit: 1.0 (2 semesters)