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Social Sciences

The state of Oregon requires 3.0 credits in social science for graduation.

Students should emerge at the end of the program with a background in the fundamentals of the social sciences, an understanding of our political and economic systems, tools in critical thinking and analysis, and a comprehension of the world and its issues.

Note: Not all 11/12 Courses are offered every year. See the current school year's Academic Planning Guide for course descriptions.

9/10 Courses

World Geography and Culture - S315
     Credit: 1.0 (2 semesters)

US History - S400
     Credit: 1.0 (2 semesters)

11/12 Courses

Economics  - S610
     Credit: 0.5 (1 semester)

AP Government - S505
     Credit: 1.0  (2 semesters)