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​Frequently Asked Questions

How many students attend SST?

SST has about 180 students. Enrollment is not currently "capped" and may increase.

What are your class sizes?

SST is staffed at the same student-to-teacher ratio as other Beaverton high schools. Most classes have 30-35 students, as in the rest of the district. Being a small school, at times we can run a class of 12-15 students, when our schedule has teachers available to offer other classes to balance the numbers.

Is there school bus transportation to and from SST?

Yes. District transportation picks up students in the morning near their homes. In the afternoon, buses take students to their neighborhood comprehensive high schools, where they can either transfer to a school bus to take them home, or remain to participate in sports, marching band, or other after school activities.

Do you offer music?

SST has no music classes, but students organize music activities as interest arises, such as a music club or a jazz band. Numerous SST students have participated in marching band at their neighborhood high schools. Several have participated in after-school jazz band at the Arts and Communications Magnet Academy, or in the District Orchestra when available.

Do you have PE?

Students may earn PE credit by demonstrating the state proficiencies. See the PE Page​ for details. 

Does SST have other extra-curricular activities?

Yes. Activities are based on student interest and initiative. There are not only science related activities, such as Science Fair, Science Bowl, and Robotics but there are also several clubs including Computer Club, Mock Trial and Drama club which presents a full-length play each spring.

What is the ratio of boys to girls?

It varies from year to year, from about 3:2 to 4:1. We strongly encourage both girls and boys to attend; SST especially invites interested girls to apply. This is a great place for students to explore all their interests, and excitement for learning is welcomed.

Do you offer AP or IB classes?

Calculus, Statistics, ​Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science and Language Arts are offered at the AP level. We do not offer IB classes. All classes are designed to encourage thinking, knowledge, commitment to quality, and excitement about learning. Our schedule makes it easy for 12th graders to take some of their classes at PCC if they choose, earning college credit as they finish their senior year.

Are students prepared for college?

Yes. Almost all SST students continue on​​ to colleges, and returning alumni say they feel well-prepared, frequently mentioning writing, thinking and discussion skills. SST alumni have been admitted to a variety of colleges and universities, including public institutions such as the University of Washington, Oregon State, University of Oregon, Portland, State, and Portland Community College, and private institutions such as Brown, Carleton, Whitman, University of Portland, and the Art Institute of Portland.

How do SST students do on SAT and ACT tests?

SST students' scores on statewide math, reading and writing tests are consistently higher than the state average.

How can parents be involved in SST?

Parents are involved in many ways. Each student has a Focus teacher who helps track the student's progress, and is the parents' primary contact at SST. Parents accompany students and teachers on field trips, help with the Open House events and other activities to publicize the school, and volunteer expertise for specific class or club activities. Parents can also participate in the SST Booster Club.

What is the application process?

SST follows the Beaverton School District Options application process. The application process begins in October. Information and forms can be found on the District website below.

Do you offer shadowing?

Yes, typically shadows are done In November and December. ​