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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In your Jump Start packet, you have additional information about the beginning of school.

Can I walk my child to his/her class on the first day of school?

Where does my child go on the first day?
They will go to their Advisory (homeroom teacher). We will have adults in the building to help them find their class.

What should my child bring to PE on the first day?
Students do not need to bring anything to PE on the first day.

When do the students get lockers?
These will be assigned to student at the beginning of school, usually the first day. If not student will leave their belongings in the classroom.

Do students need a planner to keep track of assignments?
Each student will receive a student planner.

Where do I drop of my child's medications?
Counseling office.

What do I do if my child forgets something from home for school?
You can drop this item off in the main office and tell your child to go there to pick it up. Please inform your child about this arrangement. To avoid numerous interruptions to class instruction - this works best.

Who do I call if I need to talk with my child while at school?
Call the counseling or attendance office. If you call your child by cell or text message during school, they will not be available because at Stoller all cell phones are off and away during school hours. This is why you call the counseling or attendance office.

Who does my child have lunch with?
Our lunches are arranged by grade level. Your child will have lunch with all students in their grade level.

When will we know which neighborhood our child has been placed?
Your child will receive a postcard in the mail a few days before the beginning of school. This postcard will indicate your child's Advisory (homeroom)/neighborhood assignment. We do not release information prior to that date since the school will need to continue to balance class numbers and ensure the accuracy of schedules right up to the opening of school. In addition, last minute growth in student numbers and staffing changes can cause numerous schedule changes.

What is a neighborhood?
Stoller was designed with four halls, which we call neighborhoods. These are identified by color (blue, green, orange, and red). Each neighborhood has a team of teachers (math, science, humanities) at sixth, seventh and eighth grade. Also, each neighborhood has an administrator, counselor, and special - education teacher assigned to the neighborhood. Stoller has used this design to create smaller learning environments.

How is my child's neighborhood assigned?
Children are assigned through a modified random selection process. Our goal is to balance the number of males and females, ability groups and feeder schools in each neighborhood. The exception to this assignment process is children in special programs, and constraints in the schedule due to changes in our encore classes.

Can I pick my child's neighborhood?
No. A request may be considered, but we only honor those based upon unique, identified needs. Friendship is not used in placement of children in their neighborhoods. We do consider siblings in the placement of children.

Will my child spend his/her three years in the same neighborhood?
In almost all cases, yes. Interestingly, once a child has settled into a neighborhood, a change rarely occurs. This year is an exception due to adjustments in our encore program. For students to have their requested encore they may have had to move to a different neighborhood.

What does "core" mean?
Core is the period of time each day that your child is with core teachers who will be responsible for math, science, humanities (English/social studies), These teachers also have an Advisory (homeroom) and enrichment class.

What is Learning Strategies?
This is an academic class taught by your child's special education teacher and is focused on the Learning Targets and your child's IEP.

What is Advisory?
At Stoller, one of your child's core teachers will serve as the Advisory teacher. This teacher can be your child's advocate and often can be your initial point of contact if you have a concern, question, or idea.

What is Reading Intervention?
This is an academic class. It is required for students who are significantly below reading standards based on a collection of evidence (multiple assessments and teacher judgment).

What is Math Intervention?
This is an academic class. It is required for students who are significantly below basic math standards based on a collection of evidence (multiple assessments and teacher judgment).

What is Enrichment?
This is an academic class (humanities, math, or science) taught by your child's core teachers and focused on the Learning Targets.

What is Encore?
Encore use to be called Specialty, or elective. Encore is a block of time that your child has every other day for physical education/health, second language, drama, art, or band. Which encore your child receives depends on grade level. All children have physical education/health.

Tell me more about the physical activity.
On alternating days, your child will have a P.E. class. Children will be asked to dress down for this class and will be instructed in a variety of physical activities and games.

How about Second Language?
Second language will be on alternating days coupled with P.E/health. This means on day one a child goes to P.E., on day two the child goes to second language, on the third day the child returns to P.E., and this pattern continues on an alternating day basis for the entire school year. Second language is available to 7th and 8th grade students. Students taking Spanish do not take band, art, or drama. We call this the A/B schedule.

What about drama, band, or art?
These encore classes will be on alternating days coupled to P.E/health. This means on day one a child goes to P.E., on day two the child goes to drama, art, or band, and on the third day the child returns to P.E. This pattern continues on an alternating day basis for the entire school year. We call this the A/B schedule.

I believe my child is ahead of grade level in math. How will you accommodate his/her needs?
Each math teacher has been trained to cluster students according to ability levels. This will allow students to move at their own rate and level of learning. Stoller's goal is to ensure that students are on a path to meet requirements for entrance into college. Stoller expects all students to attend college.

My child is TAG. How will he/she be served?
Teachers are trained to assess their needs and differentiate materials and instruction to provide appropriate academic level and rigor. Stoller also has a TAG coordinator who monitors student progress and is available for questions. You may contact the main office @ 503-533-1910 and ask for the TAG coordinator.

My child is in Special Education - how will he/she be served?
Stoller has three special education case managers who monitor students IEPs. Once your child knows his/her schedule, you will know who the case manager is. Please contact this teacher with any questions you have regarding your child's IEP.

What about safety problems at middle school?
As children become older, some begin to explore and involve themselves in activities that are not appropriate. Stoller students are not immune from those issues that trouble all schools in today's society. It is the goal of the administration and staff to minimize the pressure placed upon today's students. With that in mind, we have developed a neighborhood structure, and have administrators and counselors assigned to neighborhoods to help with conflict resolution. Students, staff, and parents indicate a greater sense of security with this type of approach to middle school. In addition, in a District survey, parents and students at Stoller have indicated that they see Stoller as a safe place for kids.

Is Stoller semesters or trimesters?
All middle schools follow a semester schedule.

How do I know my child is progressing?
The best way to know this is to stay in contact with your child's team of teachers. Do not hesitate to contact the teacher as your first step. Teachers will also send home progress reports. In the future parents will have the ability to log onto our new student information system to see student's progress. We expect this new parent assistant to start early spring. Meanwhile we will continue to send home progress reports.

How can I become involved?
Stoller wants you to be involved in all aspects of the school.
Contact your Stoller PTO

Look for information in the Stoller e-weekly, which we send out via email.

Again, welcome to Stoller. We look forward to another excellent year!