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​​​​14141 NW Laidlaw Road Portland, OR 97229
Office: 503-356-2680 Attendance: 503-356-2681

Welcome To Stoller Middle School

An Exceptional Learning Community

Dear Stoller Families,

We welcome you to Stoller Middle School, an exceptional learning community! Our focus continues to be a strong academic program in an environment that is safe for all students. Stoller has a school schedule which provides the best support for students where we have extended class time for math, science, humanities, and smaller learning environments by scheduling students into neighborhoods and grade level teams. This establishes a greater sense of belonging among students and staff - an essential component in an excellent middle school. We are confident students will have an exceptional learning experience at Stoller.

The next three years is a special time in your child’s life as he/she transitions from the world of childhood to that of young adult. With this transition comes rapid change children find both exciting and challenging, and parents sometimes find perplexing. While these changes will occur at different points in time with varying degrees of intensity for each child, the following are some things that will happen to most students between the ages of 12-15.

  • Even the most even-tempered children move into periods of extreme mood swings. That’s because so much of what they’re feeling is new and seems uncertain to them. Calmness and a good sense of humor will help parents survive this part of the roller coaster ride.
  • Physical and emotional changes tend to cause an exaggerated sense of self. Children will become preoccupied with how they look, talk and act. Boys and girls will increasingly notice one another.
  • Middle schoolers will also begin to try to find their own voice often through fashion trends and music.
  • Friends eclipse the family in importance. Mom and Dad, once considered "all-knowing," may find they become merely the chauffeur and pocketbook.

While this all might seem bleak to parents, it can actually be one of the most exciting times of life for both you and your child. We have our children, we love our children, we educate our children - not because they will always be children, but because they will become, like us, thoughtful adults. We are confident your journey called "middle school" will be a success.

Entering middle school is also a new adventure for parents. We love all the support from parents and the community we have had over the years. Our main message to parents – do not believe the mythology that middle schools do not want or need parent support. The opposite is true. We have had so many parents helping at Stoller in varied capacity. We would not be an exceptional middle school without your support. I encourage you to come meet with me, with your friends, or individually at any time. ​