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District Back to School Information 2016.2017​

​​​​14141 NW Laidlaw Road Portland, OR 97229
Office: 503-356-2680 Attendance: 503-356-2681



To Send Staff an email:

 Right click with your mouse on staff member's name and copy the email address. Then paste into an email.

To contact a staff member by phone call Stoller at 503-356-2680​ and ask for the staff member by name.

PrincipalRichey, Florence62686
Assistant PrincipalHaskins, Kim62688
Assistant PrincipalMcCarty, Mariah62687
Student ManagerStroinski, Julie62695
Principal's SecretaryClements, Barbara62682
Counselor - 6th GradeBrooks, Marcel62692
Counselor- 7th GradeDell, Sue62693
Counselor 8th GradeEverson, Gregg62691
SecretaryHyde, Lorraine66134
SecretaryOlsvik, Janice66170
SecretaryHall, Michelle62694
RegistrarSchleich, Casey62684
AttendanceHuffman, Caterina62683
Library Instructional Technology TeacherBlattner, Sarah66167Website
Library Media AssistantAnderson, Kelly62689
Technology Support SpecialistMolony, Amy66167
Academic Learning Center Program AssistantKelly, Deb66146
Instructional Assistant Harger, Natalie66175
Instructional AssistantBrogan, Jean66175
Instructional AssistantOsivandi, Mahshid62694
Lead CustodianMcCallum, Jeff66139
CustodianBuell, Donald66139
CustodianSoloviov, Alexey66139
CustodianLopez, Galdino66139
CustodianHansoon, Mike66139
Food Services ManagerNakooka, Danelle62690
Food ServicesNgu, Tam62690
Food ServicesYee, Ji Young62690
Resource RoomHennrich, Shannon66158
Resource RoomGoodling, Melissa66157
Resource Room Gloster, Tina66158
Resource Room Insturctional AideSacco, Roselyn66156
Academic Learning CenterBreeding, Catharine66146
Academic Learning Center Program AssistantHardisty, Christine66146
Academic Learning Center Program AssistantSurampudi, Summa66146
Academic Learning Center Program AssistantSafairad, Marjan66146
Social Skills Center Program AssistantPoornoori, Shahdokht66146
Social Communication CenterJacobson, David66147
Social Skills Center Program AssistantPradeep, Veena66147
Social Skills Center Program Assistant Suri, Swapna66147
Social Skills Center Program AssistantAllen, Debbie66147
English Language Learner FacilitatorJimenez DeRojas, Ana66092
English Language LearnersGilde, David66172
English Language LearnersCheng, Shu-fei66171
Occupational TherapyDecay, Sarah64365
Speech TherapistMetter, Karen66155
Physical TherapyO'Connor, Janet4365
School NurseBusche, Joni62684
School PsychologistDean, Suzi66091
Blue - 6th Grade HumanitiesChrisman, Megan66085Website
Blue - 6th Grade HumanitiesHudson , Madeleine66084Website
Blue - 6th Grade MathHealy, Larry66083Website
Blue - 6th Grade ScienceDennis, Andrew66086Website
Blue - 7th Grade HumanitiesBolanos, Maria66082Website
Blue - 7th Grade MathPerry, Cheyenne66094
Blue - 7th Grade ScienceBrooks, Jennifer66080Website
Blue 7th Grade HumanitiesHuber, Kim66081Website
Blue - 8th Grade HumanitiesOwens, Megan66087Website
Blue - 8th Grade HumanitiesLocke, Jasmine66090
Blue - 8th Grade MathConner, Anne 66088Website
Blue - 8th Grade ScienceBurger, Laura66089
Green - 6th Grade HumanitiesSteed, Nina 66098Website
Green - 6th Grade HumanitiesGillespie, Adrienne 66099Website
Green - 6th Grade MathNelson, Connor66100Website
Green - 6th Grade ScienceSvenson, Pam 66101Website
Green - 7th Grade HumanitiesMiller, Chris66097Website
Green - 7th Grade HumanitiesSteinzeig, Aleah66118Website
Green - 7th Grade MathNorse, Manny 66096Website
Green - 7th Grade ScienceFreiboth, Todd 66095Website
Green - 8th Grade HumanitiesMedlock, Colleen 66103Website
Green - 8th Grade HumanitiesSander, Erin66102Website
Green - 8th Grade MathTruong, Nam66105Website
Green - 8th Grade ScienceBadyrka, Nick 66104Website
Orange - 6th Grade HumanitiesSchaenzer, Dawn 66123Website
Orange - 6th Grade HumanitiesPortugal. Monica66124
Orange - 6th Grade MathBateman, Joyln66125Website
Orange - 6th Grade ScienceWickham, John66126Website
Orange - 7th Grade HumanitiesKing, Allyson 66121Website
Orange - 7th Grade HumanitiesWade, Samantha66122Website
Orange  -7th Grade MathSaadi, Roya66131Website
Orange - 7th Grade ScienceSlater, Christina66120Website
Orange - 8th Grade HumanitiesNagelmann, Kyle66127Website
Orange - 8th Grade HumanitiesSullivan-Bing, Gillian 66124
Orange - 8th Grade MathSwartz, Jennifer66128Website
Orange - 8th Grade ScienceKauzer, Case66129Website
Red - 6th Grade HumanitiesStolin, Leslie66111
Red - 6th Grade HumanitiesCarlton, Jane66113Website
Red - 6th Grade MathKelly, Sara66112Website
Red - 6th Grade ScienceBroderick, Alyss66114
Red  7th - Grade HumanitiesOrtman, Erik66119Website
Red - 7th Grade HumanitiesDietrich, Mary66109Website
Red - 7th Grade MathBebb, Bianca66110Website
Red - 7th Grade ScienceBirge, Suki66108Website
Red - 8th Grade HumanitiesJustman, Thomas66115
Red - 8th Grade HumanitiesTucker, Melanie66107
Red - 8th Grade MathHall, Amy66116Website
Red - 8th Grade ScienceGoemaat, Lauren66117
Physical EducationGeorge, Janet66149
Physical EducationVernon, Mark66148
HealthCorkran, Mia66152Website
HealthKantor, Sheri66151Website
Art / DesignWhittle, Asha66145Website
SpanishTaylor, Kori66153Website
SpanishDreher, Diane66154Website
Visual Art / Media LabBaylor, Ashley66144
Visual Art / Media LabGillard, Katie66143Website
Adaptive Physical EducationSimon, Monica
BandHall, Gregory66142
Choir / DramaPounders, Joshua66138
DramaTuck, Sarah66136Website
Talented and Gifted CoordinatorMedlock, Colleen66103Website

* AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination