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GAP Year Before College​

What is a GAP Year?

In the field of college applications, a GAP-year is a year taken between high school and college. During this GAP-year, students engage in extra-academic and non-academic courses, language studies, volunteer work, travel, internships, sports and more, all for the purpose of improving themselves and their resumes before going to college. These academic GAP-years are also called Pathways, Prep-Year and Bridge-Year.

A simple google-search will yield more than you ever wanted to know about GAP Year programs, considerations and things to ask. Do diligent research before deciding on the GAP Year option, including reaching out to the college or university you would like to apply to in order to find out what their philosophy is on the GAP Year.  MOST COLLEGES WILL NOT DEFER SCHOLARSHIPS OFFERED TO THE STUDENT IF THEY CHOOSE TO TAKE A GAP YEAR BEFORE STARTING COLLEGE. 

Here are a few resources: