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College Costs & Financial Aid

Scholarship SEARCHES

click below for:

  • CLICK HERE for the Oregon Student Access Commission (OSAC) Scholarships for Oregon students. 


College Costs

  • Net Price Calculators –all college websites must include this tool to help families estimate who much they will be expected to pay if their child attends that school. Questions about family finances and student academics and extracurriculars are typical in making the estimates. Put "net price calculator" in the search box on any and all college websites. It is required that they have a net price calculator. 
  • Student Budget Worksheet

Other Resources

  • assistance for international students
  • -Estimated student expenses for thousands of colleges and universities
  • -Western Undergraduate Exchange program  -- this is a reciprocal program with neighboring states allowing a discount on out-of-state tuition for Oregon residents who qualify. Check EACH college website for details. Requirements vary widely.