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High school can be overwhelming and confusing. Academic planning is an important part of your child’s education and an important step towards your child’s future. We often compare it to climbing a ladder; it is much easier with the rungs in place. Planning out the next four years makes getting to graduation easier and more manageable. In addition it allows you to look beyond high school and work towards meeting future goals.

Forecasting, choosing classes for the next academic year, is done each year generally in February. It is extremely important students and their families review all the information and choose classes that are appropriate and will help the student reach their post high school goals. Your student’s teacher will make the appropriate recommendations based on several factors including academic performance, motivation, and level of preparedness.

Each year our course offerings and ultimately our staffing are based on what students forecast. Therefore, our expectation is once you turn in your forecast form, you have reviewed it and are satisfied with your course selections.

To assist you in this process, we recommend reviewing/reading our program planning guide, which is a reference to academic policies, graduation requirements, college information, academic programing, description of courses etc. Due to a variety of factors, including student course requests, not all classes in the guide are offered every year. You should keep a copy of the guide starting in 9th grade as a reference. Although policies change from time to time, your graduation requirements should stay the same as when you entered 9th grade.

Program Planning Guide - The Academic Planning Guide will assist students and parents as they plan their courses and pathway toward graduation.

SHS 2017-2018 Planning Guide


Four-year plan template - These plans can be very useful in planning your courses through high school. Consider them roadmaps leading you towards your goals after high school. Students will complete official plans in their advisory class during forecast time. They are a requirement for graduation and to be updated every year.
    4 year plan freshman
    4 year plan sophomore
    4 year plan junior  
    4 year plan senior

Curriculum​ Night Presentations


Sophmore - Junior

Senior and Beyond