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Each year counselors do a variety of day and evening presentations. They range from going into grade level advisories to sponsoring the district college night on FASFA. If you miss a presentation our goal is to have the power point on line as a reference. Below by topic are the presentations for the 2013-14 school year.

Back to School Night/ Freshman Parent Presentation            Sept. 25th

​College Application Workshops

Private College Application Workshop

​Sept. 16th & 18th

​Public College Application Workshop

​Sept. 30th & Oct. 4th

​Post High School Planning Nights

​12th grade Post High School Planning

​Beaverton High School

​Sept. 24th 7:00PM

​Latino College Night

Beaverton High School

​Oct. 23rd    7:00PM

​College Financial Planning Night

Westview High School

​Nov. 12th  7:00PM

​FASFA- Financial Aid Night

Sunset High School

​Dec. 3rd    7:00PM

Advisory Presentations

​9th Grade -     Oct. 23 & Nov. 6

Getting Connected to High School

​10th grade -   Nov.20 & Dec. 4

​Job Searching and applications

​11th grade -   Dec. 17 & Jan. 8

Post high school planning part 1

​9th grade -     Feb. 12 & Feb. 27


​10th & 11th -  March 19th


​11th grade -  April 30th

​Post High School Planning

​11th grade -  May 14th

​Post High School Planning


​Middle School visits

​Feb. 10th - 14th

​Middle School visits

​Feb. 17th - 21st

​Curriculum Night

​Feb. 20th

​SHS Forecasting Sheets due

​Feb. 27th