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Welcome to the ABSA Scholarship homepage.

The Association of Beaverton School Administrators (ABSA) Scholarship was established by Beaverton School Administrators on January 8, 1990. The scholarship fund was established to provide financial aid to Beaverton School District high school graduates who wish to pursue post high school education. ABSA members contribute annually to the scholarship fund.

Scholarship funds continue to grow as more administrators contribute to this wonderful opportunity for our Beaverton students. This year, ABSA will be awarding up to five (5) scholarships of $1500 each. The intent of this scholarship program is to reach enough interest earnings to provide an annual scholarship for each high school.

The recipient must graduate from a Beaverton School District high school, have a minimum cumulative GPA 3.0, and have attended school within the district during the entire junior and senior years. In addition, he or she must be involved in school and/or community activities, demonstrate financial need (excludes students who receive full scholarships), communicate clearly both verbally and in writing, and have a strong goal orientation and good character.


Information for the 2018 ABSA will be posted in the Spring of 2018 - TBD

Questions Contact Chris Bick - EMAIL