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Sunset High School and Future Ready
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What is Future Ready at Beaverton School District

Future Ready and Chromebook Resources

Future Ready FAQ Page

General Information on Chromebooks and District Policies regarding use

All about Digital Resources at Beaverton School District

General information from Beaverton School District IT

Student / Family Handbook

Quick Answers for BSD Chromebook Questions/Issues
- The ChromeOS on my chromebook is not at the latest version, why is that?     The ChromeOS is updated every 6 to 8 weeks by Google and these updates contain new features and fixes to issues. However, as chromebooks will be used for state testing we can only move to the newer ChromeOS versions as they are approved as being compatible for testing.

- My chromebook looks to be hung or stuck, what should I do? If your chromebook is stuck or unresponsive follow these steps:
1 - Attach the charger in case the battery is too low to allow the chromebook to function properly.
2 - Force the chromebook off by holding the power button (on the right side) in for 10 - 12 seconds. Wait approximately 30 seconds and then power it back on.

Chromebook Replacement Power Supply and Accessory Links

We provide two links for replacement power supplies which run around $40 to $50. Please avoid ordering cheaper gray market supplies (eBay etc.) as these could damage the chromebook causing further expense.


Chomebook Protective Sleeves

There are many options for protective sleeves and cases here are two that we've tested and are under $10. Get together with friends and place an order.

Neoprene Sleeve - Water Resistant

Fabric Sleeve - Water Resistant