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Parents & Students

​Sunset High School has a very strong technology program with a wide range of course offerings. Students are encouraged to find the particular flavor of technology they like the best. All intro level classes are available to all grades and have no prerequisites. 
We offer two dual credit classes with PSU - Java programming and C++/Data Structures. 
We also have a technology career pathway that students can complete, earning them a technology cord at graduation. 

Our course list and pathway can be found here. The pathway application can be found here​

Sunset Technology can also be found on social media, including Facebook and Twitter (@SunsetHSTech). 

We also put on exciting events, such as the recent Tech Talks. Over 2 days, 22 outside speakers came in to talk to students about careers in technology or technology in the world. Below are videos of many of these presentations. We appreciate all of our speakers and our community for their support! We'd especially like to thank Daimler - their grant has helped support the growth of our program and made sure our students can have access to up to date technology.

Link to 2015 Tech Talks


Technology in Computer Labs and Classrooms

Sunset HS is continually evaluating our technology resources and investing in new technologies that benefit learning and the daily experience of both students and teachers. One challenge is balancing computing resources between machines that serve students well for for daily assignements in writing and research, and providing specailized machines for Graphics Design and Advanced Programming and Robotics. 

Link to Beaverton School Districts Information Technology Page​