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                       EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION

The Excellence in Education Award was created by Sunset’s Booster Club 

to honor the contributions made by Sunset High School’s many fine staff members 

and to publicly express the value the Sunset community places on education as a 

profession. Supported this year by both the Booster Club and The Oregon Clinic, 

the award will include a $1,500 cash prize that can be used for professional 

development purposes.

Anyone who has been a Sunset staff member for a minimum of three full years is 

eligible to receive the Excellence in Education Award. Recent winners have 

included Alisa Harvey, Chris Rust, Jason Galbraith, John Sheu, June Yi, and Patti Larson.

Nominations can come from students, parents, and fellow staff members, and 

should include specific examples of the nominee’s positive contributions to Sunset 

High School.

The final award will be based on consideration of the following qualities:

1. Cares about students

2. Values student input and comments

3. Always available for discussion

4. Always available for student needs 

5. Always makes expectations clear and consistent

Nominations for staff members who reflect these qualities are due by 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 21st.

All nominations should be sent to Chris Bick via email ( or dropped off at Sunset’s Main Office.

The winner of this year’s Excellence in Education Award will be announced at the Senior Awards Night on Thursday June 4th.