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​​​​The 2018-19 Academic Planning Guide is now available online as the primary method for communicating program and course information to parents and students.   Forecasting forms will be provided for all students, and other documents and applications will be available in hard copy in the Counseling Office.

Forecasting Forms

9th Grade Forecasting Form

10th Grade Forecasting Form

11th Grade Forecasting Form

12th Grade Forecasting Form

Intent to Acccelerate During Summer

There are applications required for a few courses at Westview or other schools. These applications are available in the Counseling Office as well as here.

Senior Inquiry

Peer Tutor

Lair Application (Student Store)

Independent Study Contract - Students do not forecast for this option. Independent Study arrangements are made after the beginning of each semester.​

ONLINE Forecasting Support

Online Forecast Instructions

Online Forecast Instruction - video

TO SUBMIT APPLICATIONS FOR DISTRICT COURSES (Health Careers, Auto Tech) DIRECTLY OVER THE INTERNET, CLICK HERE!  Or, pick up a paper copy in the Counseling Office.