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​Students at Westview are encouraged to explore various post-secondary avenues by focusing on a Career Pathway, a series of courses that will help them refine their interests and prepare for further education or the job market. Each Pathway has a teacher leader, a suggested list of exploratory courses, and required courses in order to receive a Pathway cord at graduation.  While earning a Pathway is not required for graduation, Pathway teacher can help students complete their senior project (which IS required for graduation). Requirements for each Pathway are outlined below.

​Applied Arts, Information and Communication
​Business Management
​Health Services
​Human Resource Services
​Industrial and Engineering Systems
​Natural Resources
Visual Art & Design
MarketingHealth Careers​
​Environmental Science
​Acting/Directing​Accounting​Biological Sciences
Child DevelopmentComputer Design

Theatre Production & Design
​Culinary Arts & Hospitality
Secondary Education​Automotive
​Vocal & Instrumental Music
​Language Specialist
​Vocational Manufacturing
​Digital & Interactive Media