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​Westview High School offers two different methods for students to earn college credit while enrolled in a high school course.  For several courses, Westview staff are adjunct professors at Portland State University and teach the same class on the Westview Campus that would be taught on the college campus. Each course has a slightly different relationship with PSU.

Senior Inquiry - When taken at PSU, this course is called Freshman Inquiry.  Students who take this class at Westview MUST pay tuition at PSU (at a greatly reduced rate) in order to be enrolled in the class. Students receive instruction from two Westview staff as well as a PSU instructor, and they access PSU research materials. Upon successful completion of the course, students receive 15 PSU credits.  Students should research whether the college they would like to attend will accept the PSU credits before they enroll in this course as they will not be allowed to change their forecasting over the summer or in the fall.

Spanish V - These courses may earn PSU credit through their "Challenge" program.  Students enrolled in these classes are not required to register at PSU for credit, but they do have that option. See the Academic Planning Guide for current tuition costs associated with this class.

Students enrolled in these courses also enroll at Portland Community College and receive college credit at no cost:

       Survey of American Literature/Writing 122

       Modern Globalization/Global Conflict

       Cultural Anthropology

Other courses taught at Westview also align with courses taught at various colleges, and students may work with their teachers to pursue dual credit if desired. These are primarily vocational courses, and students do need to pay a fee to the college. These courses include:

Automotive Technology I, II

Culinary Arts I, II and Advanced Culinary Arts

Child Development 2, 3

Exploring Engineering

Health Careers and Advanced Health Careers

Industrial Arts 1