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Honors Diploma

The Westview Honors Diploma is available to students who demonstrate academic rigor, integrity in their work, and a willingness to devote personal time in the service of others.  The requirements take several years to complete, so students should decide early in their high school years if they want to pursue this honor.

  • 3.5 Cumulative un-weighted GPA
  • Complete Level 3 Proficiency of a world language offered at Westview (or another academic institution if Westview does not offer that language)
  • 11 semesters of advanced programs (earning a B grade or higher)
  • Completion of a pre-approved Service Learning Project (see details below and on attached links)
  • Adherence to the Westview Academic Integrity Policy​

Service Learning is a requirement for students wanting to earn an Honors Diploma at Westview High School. It encourages students to become actively engaged with the community beyond the classroom. It helps them to focus on service toward others and also helps students to:

• Learn effective problem solving, critical thinking, and project management skills.

• Strengthen academic and social skills. 

• Make academic content more relevant and practical.

• Meet people that they may not ordinarily get to meet.

• Stretch the way they think about the world. ​

For detailed information, please download:

​Why should I try to earn the diploma?

• The diploma recognizes those students who have excelled in a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum including many honors and advanced classes.

• Diploma recipients have shown additional effort and dedication by carrying out a major service project.

• It is one way to become the Valedictorian.

• Selective colleges want applicants who have taken the most challenging programs available to them. Pursuit of the Westview Honors Diploma indicates that a student has accepted such a challenge.


Which classes are considered "advanced?"

Language Arts:  AP Language, AP Literature, Senior Inquiry,  English 254/Writing 122,  Writing 121/122

Science:  STEM Physics, STEM Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental, Advanced Health Careers

Social Studies:  AP US History, AP Economics, AP Psychology, AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics,  AP World History, AP Government, Global Conflict/Globalization, Cultural Anthropology, Global Studies (if the student completes the dual credit requirements)

Math:  AP Calculus AB/BC, AP Statistics

World Languages:  Spanish IV/V, French IV, Japanese IV

Arts:  AP Studio Art, Cantores, Wind Ensemble, Acting 3, AP Music Theory

Applied Arts:  Computer Science Principles, Computer Science A


Questions?  See Mrs. Ferris in Upper North Teacher Cluster.

Westview Scholar Award

Westview Scholar criteria:

  • Earn a cumulative 4.0 or higher weighted GPA
  • Complete a full load of courses in four years of high school (maintain at least six classes throughout the senior year at Westview for a total of at least 26 credits)
  • Be an active participant in at least one co-curricular or extra curricular activity each year of high school (e.g. athletics, clubs, leadership, performing arts)
  • Maintain a high level of personal and academic integrity (no issues relevant to forgery, plagiarism, substance abuse, or other serious violations of school behavioral expectations)
  • Earn a Career Pathway OR an Honors Diploma

Students who are eligible for this award based on GPA will be sent an application in April.  The application must be completed and returned by the deadline indicated on the application itself.  Students who qualify for the award will be notified the end of May.