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Honors Program FAQ​

Honors Application​​

Honors Diploma Criteria

​Honors Seminar registration:

Honors 1:  Will be available through Lit. and Comp. 9 class.  Registration will take place with your Lit. and Comp. 9 teacher.

Honors 2: Will be available through American Studies 10 class.  Registration will take place with your American Studies 10 teacher.

**Honors designation will appear on your transcript in the Spring if you have earned an A or B in your Honors course.

Registration will be done on the computer and not via paper.

What is the Honors Program?

The Honors Program is a combination of activities completed within the Language Arts and Social Studies classes followed by two seminar events.  Students will have choice over activities/readings that will extend their learning from core classes, and then they will meeting with a group of students who have engaged in the same activities for discussion and further analysis. Students who successfully complete all required assignments will receive an "H" next to the English or Social Studies transcript grade.

Who can participate?

Honors seminars are available to all students.

What is the difference between Honors, 1, and 2?

Everyone starts at Honors 1, no matter what grade you are in. This curriculum builds skills necessary for success and the content is focused on the roles that people play in society.  Honors 2 is the next step in the program and is focused on American Studies.  

How will I receive honors credit?

Your seminar teacher will communicate with your English or Social Studies teacher to decide whether you have earned honors credit on your transcript.  You must earn an A or B in your English or Social Studies classes and maintain passing grades in all your other classes to earn the Honors designation​. Please note that AP classes are not eligible for an Honors designation.

For other questions, please contact Ms. Heisler in the Lower South Cluster.

Honors Diploma

Click here for the Honors Diploma Criteria.


What is a service project?

The Service Project is designed to prove that honors students can set goals, carry out a project, and reflect upon what they have learned. (It is not Service Learning for Credit nor can the requirement be fulfilled by accumulating "service hours.")

The Honors Diploma service project must:

• be the idea of and planned by the Honors Diploma candidate. It should not simply be working for a service organization or group. The project should not be an event that would happen anyway, such as an annual fundraiser or an annual church event.

• be created and planned by one student.

• include at least 25 hours for planning, completion, and reflection.

• be pre-approved by the Advanced Program Committee.  (Forms are available in the Lower South Office Cluster.)

• go beyond fund-raising and, ideally, include direct contact with the people being helped.

• not involve any fundraising at Westview.

• be completed within 12 weeks (unless there are extenuating circumstances). The project may be completed during the summer between sophomore and junior years, either semester junior year, during the summer between junior and senior years, or during the senior year.

• not involve going door to door or leaving flyers in neighborhoods to collect items from the community.


Can transfer students earn an Honors diploma?

Transfer students are welcome to meet with the Honors Diploma advisor to determine if their transfer classes qualify them for the Honors diploma. Students who complete all of the requirements can apply for the diploma during their senior year. Students who don't complete the requirements should not ask for the requirements to be waived.


Why should I try to earn the diploma?

• The diploma recognizes those students who have excelled in a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum including many honors and advanced classes.

• Diploma recipients have shown additional effort and dedication by carrying out a major service project.

• It is one way to become the Valedictorian.

• Selective colleges want applicants who have taken the most challenging programs available to them. Pursuit of the Westview Honors Diploma indicates that a student has accepted such a challenge.


Which classes are considered "advanced?"

Language Arts:  AP Language, AP Literature, Senior Inquiry, English 254/Writing 122,  Writing 121/122

Science:  AP Physics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental, Advanced Health Careers

Social Studies:  AP US History, AP Economics, AP Psychology, AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics,  AP World History, AP Government, Global Conflict/Globalization, Cultural Anthropology

Math:  AP Calculus AB/BC, AP Statistics

World Languages:  Spanish V, French IV, Japanese IV

Arts:  AP Studio Art, Cantores, Wind Ensemble, Acting 3, AP Music Theory

Applied Arts:  Computer Science Principles, Computer Science A


What classes offer honors designation (an "H" on the transcript)?

A student who successfully completes an Honors Seminar receives an "H" next to his/her grade in the Engish or Social Studies class.  Classes with an "H" identification are considered advanced programs and count toward the required semesters.  Math does not offer honors since students are already placed at their ability levels.  Honors in science is earned through taking STEM courses. Again, AP classes are not eligible for an Honors designation.  

**Honors Diploma Criteria:  Up to three of the eleven Advanced Program credits may come from Honors semesters.   The other eight must come from other Advanced Courses. 


Questions?  See Ms. Heisler in Lower South Teacher Cluster.

Westview Scholar Award

Westview Scholar criteria:

  1. Earn a cumulative 4.0 or higher weighted GPA
  2. Complete a full load of courses in four years of high school (maintain at least six classes throughout the senior year at Westview for a total of at least 26 credits)
  3. Be an active participant in at least one co-curricular or extra curricular activity each year of high school (e.g. athletics, clubs, leadership, performing arts)
  4. Maintain a high level of personal and academic integrity (no issues relevant to forgery, plagiarism, substance abuse, or other serious violations of school behavioral expectations)
  5. Earn a Career Pathway OR an Honors Diploma

If you believe that you are eligible for this award, you may download the application and return it to the Counseling Office.