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​Access Tutorial

Westview's schedule allows every student the opportunity to have an Access Tutorial period during the 7th or 8th period time slot.  During this time, a number of supports are available in the building:

1.  Tutoring Center - Teachers and students are available to support students in the areas of science, math and Spanish.

2.  Testing Center - Students occasionally need to retake tests to show proficiency. Rather than use class time to do this (and miss current instruction), students can retake tests during Access Tutorial.

3.  Computer Access - Students may access printing devices in each of the Office Clusters.

4.  Access to Teachers - Many teachers supervise an Access Tutorial at the end of the day, and they are able to help students who come to their rooms during this time.

5.  Some students meet with a student tutor from the National Honor Society.  Students may request this support through their counselor.

Paid Tutors

The Beaverton School District provides a list of tutors who have requested to advertise with us.  We don't endorse any one tutor over another but simply provide this list as a service to help parents know where to begin if they choose to find a tutor for their student.