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Westview High School is committed to promoting life-long learning in all students.  By providing smaller class size and tailored instruction,​ we are better able to meet the individual needs of students with various learning disabilities or other factors that can interfere with academic success. Students who work with our special education staff meet the eligibility requirements under federal law IDEA for an Individualized Education Program (IEP).  The majority of students with an IEP participate in general education classes with their high school peers and work toward a standard Oregon Diploma with the support of a Westview case manager to oversee the implementation of the IEP. Some students may also be enrolled in special support classes based on teacher recommendation and IEP team agreements.

Students in the Resource Room, program (the majority of our students on an IEP), have a class with their case manager.   Students receive special instruction in areas that support their IEP goals and/or learn organizational strategies to help them be successful.  

Students in the Academic Learning Center receive instruction in core areas (language arts, math, science and social studies) from our special education staff.  They also participate in life skills curriculum to learn skills for independent living as well as Work Experience opportunities to help them learn skills necessary in the work force.   ALC students also enroll in elective courses like art, ceramics, acting, physical education, computer skills, and industrial arts.

Students in the Social Communication Center and Behavior Learning Center receive all core and elective instruction in classes with the general education peers as well as special education courses to support unique needs identified on their IEP in the areas of behavior management and social development.   Students are also enrolled in an Academic Improvement Seminar to support their IEP goals and learn organizational strategies.

For more detailed course information, please consult the Westview Course Description Guide.