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​The Beaverton School District Transportation Department provides parents access to student transportation information through the E-Link application at .  This application requires parents to log in using their student's ID number and date of birth.

E-Link allows parents to obtain the following information specific to their student:

- The student's eligibility for bus service.

-Their assigned bus stop.

-Their assigned bus route bus

-The scheduled bus stop time.  

Every student who is eligible for bus service is assigned a specific school bus stop and route.   School bus stops are created using established criteria which insures that all students in the District receive similar service and that students may access their school bus stops safely.    Transportation Routers assign students to the nearest school bus stop, taking into account specific safety related criteria (such as any street the student would have to cross to access the stop). 

Parents may request a change to their student's transportation eligibility, assigned stop, or assigned bus by completing a Transportation Service Request at .  Specific concerns may be addressed by contacting the Transportation Support Center at 503-672-3721.