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Wildcat Prints

Mission statement: The screen printing business gives students an opportunity to learn a variety of valuable real world skills. Staff provided instruction enables students to reach independence and individualized goals.

Students served: Students involved in the work experience program are student who are receiving special designed instruction in desirable work skills and behaviors as part of their individualized education plan. Students served in the program have been identified as students with special needs. Students have opportunities to work with peer tutors, ASB clubs, and other student graphic designers.

Skills gained: money management, inventory skills, following multi-step directions, complex cleaning skills, business knowledge (real loss/profit tracking), attention to detail while completing any step, time management, customer service skills, knowledge of graphics.

Student positions available (students may have more than one responsibility): graphic design assistant, printing, cutting, folding, inventory specialist, reclaiming screens specialist, screen burner, placement specialist, curing station, stocking and delivery

Past Clients and supporters of the program: Westview Japanese club, Westview Inq., Century 21, CTP, Beaverton Stars, BEF, BSD Special Education department

All money gained from sales goes directly back into the program for program sustainability. Students set financial goals to purchase additional equipment and to pay for community learning opportunities.

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