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​During the 2009-10 school year the Beaverton District moved to a new model of monitoring student academic progress. The model being used across the district was Response to Intervention, also referred to as RTI. RTI is a multi-tiered structure of increasingly intensive intervention and instruction. The model has been used locally and nationally and has shown that students can learn when provided appropriate and effective instruction. RTI has also shown that many academic difficulties can be prevented when early identification is followed immediately with intervention.

RTI is a model of delivering service to students that is monitored by regular student data. Teachers collaborate with one another to determine if the student is progressing at an acceptable rate. If a student is found to not be making acceptable progress the teacher will implement interventions. Interventions are closely matched with the student.s area of weakness. The teacher will continuously review data to determine if the applied intervention was an appropriate match. If the intervention was successful it will be continued, but if the student was not making progress the teacher will implement a different intervention.

This year at William Walker the staff will meet regularly as grade level teams to review data and student progress. The staff will also have access to two specific staff members to assist in data collection, analysis and implementing interventions.