Future Focus: Community Conversations About Hope and Excellence

January-July 2013

Project Report

To The Beaverton Community:

What follows is an action plan for our Beaverton School District’s future.
It is not a report that should sit on a shelf to gather dust. It is the beginning of ongoing Community Conversations that we as Beaverton residents, students, educators, businesses, governments and community leaders need to have for years to come.

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far. More than 680 people took part in our District’s first and

second round of “Future Focus Community Conversations About Hope and Excellence,” in group meetings and interviews. Another 300 people completed our online survey, sharing their hopes and dreams about how we can create a world-class education system in Beaverton.

The good news: You are passionate about your Beaverton public schools and about our students’ success. You agreed on so many hopes and dreams. We all learned that we need seek out and listen to diverse voices.

After every session, students, parents and educators told me how delighted they were to talk to each other about Beaverton’s public schools. We must and will do more of this.

This report is what our community believes must be done to define excellence in our school district—locally, nationally and internationally. It’s also what we all said we’d commit to, so that all Beaverton students are enabled to lead full, successful lives.

Our 3-year goals are in the Findings section of this report. The Beaverton School Board will look to incorporate these insights into its strategic planning, and our schools and staff will do the same in their daily work. We ask that students, parents, businesses, governments and non-profits ask themselves what they can do to help further the education of Beaverton’s young people.

Our Vision:

Every Beaverton student EXCELS. All students earn a high school diploma and are prepared for post high school learning.

There is a role for everyone to play in Beaverton public schools!

We invite your involvement. Join the conversation:

Sign up to volunteer: www.beaverton.k12.or.us

Expect to see a culture shift at the Beaverton School District as we:

  • Communicate.
  • Celebrate success.
  • Focus on best practices and results according to our Pillars of Learning.
  • Highlight expectations and ramp up support and accountability for our schools.
  • Enhance systems necessary for ongoing success.

Thanks to all of you for what you do to help our students succeed.

Together, WE will!


Jeff Rose, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Beaverton School District