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Furlough/Work Share Information

The Beaverton School District is moving to a four-day work week (reducing hours by 20%) through the summer, effective May 15 through July 24.  Qualifying employees will have their hours and pay reduced by 20% to be eligible for unemployment and federal CARES Act funds through the Oregon Work Share program. The result of a *partial furlough plus access to CARES Act funds ($600/person/week) will mean no net loss of income and have no impact on benefits. This will protect as many instructional days and staff positions as possible in the 2020-21 school year, while providing a benefit to employees now. 

“Partial furlough” means a 20% reduction in an employee’s scheduled work hours and a 20% reduction in that employee’s compensation.

Furlough Days & Work Share Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Updates will be published regularly as new information becomes available.

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